Asthme: tout se joue In Utero


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ritmo/Solent News / Rex Features ( 1090202a ) The Ritmo pregnancy sound system - an MP3 player for unborn babies, South Carolina, America - 20 Jan 2010 MP3 PLAYER FOR UNBORN BABIES A new speaker system can deliver soothing music straight to the tender ears of the most delicate of listeners - unborn babies.   The Ritmo pregnancy sound system wraps around an expectant mother's tummy and plays music into the womb through four speakers.   Its designers say unborn babies show signs of 'reactive listening' from just 17 weeks into a pregnancy.   And they claim that playing music to a foetus can provide the 'building blocks' for future musical ability and intellectual development.   The new device, which connects to an mp3 player, is said to allow mums and babies to share 'the sensory and emotional experience of bonding through sound and music.'   The Ritmo system was invented by dad of two Oren Oz after his wife struggled to play music to her unborn child during her second pregnancy.   The 34-year-old said: "Ritmo was born out of my frustration at seeing my wife struggle to find a comfortable position that also allowed the speakers to stay still.   "It was impossible for her to be mobile while having the maximum flexibility to choose her own sound.   "None of the existing solutions on the market place seemed suitable in their design, technology and functionality.   "Ritmo was created to deliver sound safely in utero, taking into account the unique acoustic environment of the womb."   Mr Oz said he and his team of full-time parents at Nuvo Group researched the benefits of music for foetuses and the acoustic environment of a uterus.   They designed their product with both the foetus and the comfort of the mother in mind.   The speakers are embedded in a stretchy, fabric pad which fits around the tummy and can be easily hidden beneath clothin... For more information visit

En direct du 23e congrès mondial de l’asthme. Une étude américaine démontre la toxicité précoce des particules fines chez les femmes enceintes asthmatiques et ce même avant la conception.

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